Network with Greater Results!

GrabOp lets you scan your area to find people near you, and lets you know the exact number of opportunities you have with each person.

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Find Trusted Recommendations!

GrabOp lets you see who around you have been recommended by people you trust.

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Conduct Business Your Way!

In GrabOp’s world, Business style refers to the kinds of opportunities you are willing to consider in our marketplace. Whether you are offering something or need something, each of us have specific ways we prefer to conduct business. GrabOp gives you the power to do it your way.

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Why GrabOp?

GrabOp is the new wave for social/business networking, finding jobs & career opportunities, locating trusted recommendations, and increasing your opportunities!  It’s been causing quite the buzz for all the right reasons!

It’s like Tinder meets Linkedin in this new world of networking, but with greater results.

Users swipe right if they’re interested, and they swipe left if they’re not. Once the interest is mutual, you can message with your match and set up a time to meet.

GrabOp is a completely free app for building your network. Whether looking to grow your network in a new industry, seeking cofounders and investors for your startup idea, locating job opportunities or just hoping to grab a coffee with someone new, GrabOp will connect you to your opportunities.

The app uses advanced algorithm to parse the profiles of users and provide you with possible matches based on your location, interests and experience.

We welcome you to our Beta launch, where you can be the first audience to download and test the GrabOp app, and by giving us your feedback, you will be shaping the way the future of networking will be!

GrabOp is revolutionary! What we offer is an instantaneous updated view of everyone in your vicinity……Their skill-sets, their interests, their passions etc., to help you facilitate immediate engagement with those professionals.

Everyone has a Super Power! You may be skilled at creating beautiful designs, developing an awesome website, flying a plane, producing a movie, building a business, singing, dancing or even hosting a TV show. Whatever your skills or abilities are, that is your Super Power in the GrabOp world!

Like many superheroes, we are awesome enough to have multiple abilities. For example; Superman has superhuman strength, laser vision, the ability to fly etc. and just like Superman, you too are extraordinary because of the abilities that make you unique. Stop being defined by only one ability!

GrabOp helps you showcase all your super powers and gives you the most opportunities to be your awesomeness!

We are surrounded by superheroes every day. GrabOp is your ticket into the club! When you are in the GrabOp club, you will be able to see all the superheroes you are surrounded by at the gym, at the office, at the local bar, at events etc. You will be able to see everyone’s hidden identities; their powers, their interest, their passions and their needs!

Maximize your time and productivity by meeting with people that can provide you with the highest value. We will help you team up with other superheroes and show you all the different adventures you can take on with your new super friends! You can send messages, you can recommend peoples services or walk across the room and meet them in person. The possibilities are endless with GrabOp.

Our team is dedicated to helping you maximize your opportunities so you can achieve your goals!

Next Steps…

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