It’s simple and easy to use!

With your permission, GrabOp uses GPS to determine your location. By signing in with your Facebook , we can transfer information to make it easier for you to create your GrapOp profile.

Based on the search criteria you have selected, GrabOp finds potential matches that are near you. Then it conveniently determines the number of direct opportunities you may have with each person, helping you to be more productive with your networking.

If you are interested in establishing a connection, swipe right to ‘connect’ with that person. If they also swipe right to ‘connect’ with you… then voilà it’s a match! Now, your virtual business cards are automatically exchanged and stored in each others’ contact list. If on the other hand, you are not interested in establishing a connection, simply swipe left to ‘pass’.

If you would like to see who has been recommended by people you trust, go to your Contacts screen, and by using the toggle switch, mark the people you trust as “trusted”. When your “Trusted Contacts” make recommendations, you will find their profile picture (with a blue check mark which indicates they are within your Trusted Connections) under the “Recommendations” section on the Profile Cards of the people they have recommended.

Promote your abilities, services and products you would like to offer or that you need.

You can create a service, product or talent card on your profile that promotes what you are offering or what you need. By creating your offers and needs, this will help GrabOp determine the direct number of opportunities you have with others near you.

Showcase the style of business you would like to conduct

In GrabOp’s world, Business style refers to the kinds of opportunities you are willing to consider in our marketplace. Whether you are offering something or need something, each of us have specific ways we prefer to conduct business. GrabOp gives you the power to do it your way. By showcasing the various business styles you are willing to consider, you increase your opportunities within the marketplace.

Check out some of the Business Styles you can select within GrabOp.

For Cash: This option lets people know you are interested in buying or selling something in exchange for cash. If you are seeking a job (permanent or contract role) you can use this option to let employers know what your hourly/fixed/commission rates are.

Internship: This option indicates that you are interested in volunteering your time for experience. This could mean paid or unpaid work experience.

Exchange: This option indicates that you will consider trading your services or products in exchange for other services or products.

Business Partnership: This option lets people know that you would consider a business partnership where you can partner with someone to start a new company or partner with someone in an existing company.

Donate: This option indicates that you are interested in donating your time to a special cause or you’re seeking donations for a non-profit initiative.

This is how GrabOp connects you to opportunities! I